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NEW ARTICLE: Additional Thoughts after Unwanted Haircut and First Wash Day on My Chopped Curls

Hey peeps!  I know it’s been said before, so I will boohoo about this again… “I MISS MY HAIR LENGTH!”  My bad haircut, last weekend, really threw me for a loop but a curly girl’s gotta wash and condition her hair once a week, so I did it yesterday actually. Just sharing about the haircut that I didn’t want was painful enough for me. It’s almost like an unspoken but understood language amongst Black women or, any curly haired woman, with Afro textured hair, about why we feel the way we do when we start to get some past the shoulders hair length!  Am I the only one that sheds a tear because my hair no longer drapes past my shoulders when stretched like this?  (Forgive my memory pics below)                      As you can see I miss my hair length… I have accepted it by now and I’m protective styling my hair for now using my good ole trusty two strand twists. That’s how my hair got to the length it …

It’s Wash Day Friday 

Today is WASH DAY! It’s Wash Day Friday for me. Stay tuned… I wash my curls after work most Friday afternoons. Today I will be attempting a Perm Rod Set on my natural hair again. A NEW ARTICLE WILL BE UP TOMORROW. I will be styling my curls with Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker gel. I’ll buy some more perm rods and hopefully get better results! Follow my blog on Facebook at Curly Wifey. My website at 💫🌺CW