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By Jackie M.    I’m keeping my heart and mind on the perfect peace that is Jesus Christ this morning. After a long week, and emotional weekend, I am a little tired and hesitant about the work week before me. But I remember this verse in Isaiah to calm my spirit… “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3 ESV      Tackle those anxious thoughts or any sorrow with the peace that comes with trusting in the Lord. I have to lean on this trust. I have been feeling very homesick lately, and visiting Indy this weekend really made me tearful on the way back. When we miss seeing our close family and friends every week, or sometimes everyday, it can be challenging to deal with.  For me, this is my 6th month living down South with my husband, and I truly embrace this new experience, however I am starting to get moments where I just feel a little sad. I miss seeing …

A Peaceful Night

By Jackie M.   I pray for those women who struggle with anxiety or fear. Tonight I sympathize with you but I leave you with this scripture to encourage you. Know the truth of God’s Word can cure the most anxious of hearts. That was once my heart. Plagued with panic attacks, worry, and daily fears. But surrendering those anxious thoughts to God has brought me tremendous peace of mind. Say that prayer tonight before you lay your head. God take away my anxiety, and cast away my fears, may we rest with peaceful hearts every night. Amen. CW   

Monday Morning Love: Beautifully Made

   By Jackie M. Every Monday morning, I will share a quick word of encouragement for your week ahead. Today I want you to look at yourself as beautiful from the inside out because you are beautifully made! Many women struggle with insecurities related to their appearance, and I am no exception. Don’t believe the hype, that’s flooded on television screens and magazine covers, of what a “beautiful women” should look like, because most of those images are retouched and completely edited from the original. It’s ok to be different because God made you the way you are. Your skin, hair, and body…everything was delicately fashioned by the hands of God and it should be embraced as such… delicately. Let’s treat our bodies with care, and of course our skin and hair are included. I’m very much a healthy hair advocate, so every week I will share more tips with you about my natural hair journey! Stay beautiful ladies. CW      

A Fresh Start to the Day

By Jackie M. This scripture got my attention this morning and I want to give a little encouragement to you. Today, I want to remind you that God is capable of renewing the hardest heart and He can restore your spirit, if you are feeling discouraged. Pray over Psalm 51:10 ESV every morning, or during the course of your day, for a renewed spirit and a fresh start. Don’t let your heart be troubled and your mind go astray. Fill your thoughts with encouraging psalms, like this one, to help you throughout day to day life. As women, we need to stay committed to God’s Word first, and it will help us be more prepared as sisters, mothers, wives, or whichever category you identify with. Stay beautiful. CW.