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UPDATE: Length Retention Using Two Strand Twists

Hi ladies, I have to apologize for being absent the past month or so. My unwanted hair chop experience really caught me off guard and I honestly lost a little motivation in doing this natural hair blogging thing. But I am still taking good care of my shorter curls.  I estimate that my hair is about 5 inches shorter than before the bad haircut, and I have to work with it to get it back to the length I was falling in love with. My hair was draping past my shoulders when stretched before , so I’m just trying to style it the way I like, and deal since my curls don’t hang nearly that low.  Today I did a quick shampoo, deep condition, and set using Shea Moisture and Deva Curl products. I won’t go into detail this time. I just want to share my shorter twists for now, and get back in the groove of blogging.  My plan is to keep two strand twists in my hair most of the time, to protect …

NEW ARTICLE: Simple Protective Styles in The Winter

By Jackie M.  In this article, I am highlighting a type of style that is very near and dear to my heart… two-strand twists! To give a short background about my hair, it has taken 7 years to achieve the length I have today. I actually have a story to share regarding my BIG CHOP experience, and my journey to healthier hair, but that will be posted in February.  Basically my twists have gone from baby length to the luscious full length they are today. For now let me tell you the many reasons why I love two-strand twists, and why it is my go-to style for protecting my hair in the winter.❄️  NOTE: The majority of these pics were styles done by a professional hairstylist, not by me.       Reason #1 It’s an Easy Style to Install Two-strand twists are by far one of the easiest styles to achieve on my 4a/4b hair type. Just like the name, all it takes is gathering two strands of your hair and twisting it. When I was introduced to …

New Hair Features Coming Every Tuesday! 

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