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A Peaceful Night

By Jackie M.   I pray for those women who struggle with anxiety or fear. Tonight I sympathize with you but I leave you with this scripture to encourage you. Know the truth of God’s Word can cure the most anxious of hearts. That was once my heart. Plagued with panic attacks, worry, and daily fears. But surrendering those anxious thoughts to God has brought me tremendous peace of mind. Say that prayer tonight before you lay your head. God take away my anxiety, and cast away my fears, may we rest with peaceful hearts every night. Amen. CW    Advertisements

Weekly Devotional: Communication in Marriage

 By Jackie M. Here is a healthy reminder, on one thought we should have in order to be better communicators. The reminder is that words carry weight behind them. The words we speak can impact another person much deeper and have more of a lasting impact then anything physical you can do to them. Does this cross our minds when we are responding to conflict in our marriages? And why are these spoken words so powerful?   I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to act like a fool! As stated in Proverbs 18, “a fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his (or her) opinion.” As women, we have opinions and love for our voices to be heard, but most of the time your opinion does not have to be said out loud. If there is a conflict in your marriage, and you are worried about fueling another argument, maybe go to a separate place and pray before you respond to your husband, or just give it all to …