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For Wives and Future Brides

 By Jackie M.    Hey ladies. I follow a blog called Revive Our Hearts , part of the True Woman movement. For those that are unaware, this Christian based blog is very encouraging to women of all nationalities and cultures. It helps us pursue biblical womanhood in our daily lives. There was a post they shared this morning that I had to repost! Check out this link that shares their 30 Pieces of Advice for the New Wife. The author of this article is Paula Hendricks Marsteller. This was so timely for me! I will be married just 6 months, this upcoming Feb. 1st, to my wonderful hubby. I’m always looking for wisdom and advice from seasoned wives. And if you are single, and desire to be married one day, this article can help give you prayer points that you can use to pray over your future husband. Share your comments below! BTW that bridal shot is me and my bridal bouquet from my wedding day! Our photographer was amazing. Stay beautiful ladies CW. 💫🌺    Advertisements