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Monday Morning Love: Beautifully Made

   By Jackie M. Every Monday morning, I will share a quick word of encouragement for your week ahead. Today I want you to look at yourself as beautiful from the inside out because you are beautifully made! Many women struggle with insecurities related to their appearance, and I am no exception. Don’t believe the hype, that’s flooded on television screens and magazine covers, of what a “beautiful women” should look like, because most of those images are retouched and completely edited from the original. It’s ok to be different because God made you the way you are. Your skin, hair, and body…everything was delicately fashioned by the hands of God and it should be embraced as such… delicately. Let’s treat our bodies with care, and of course our skin and hair are included. I’m very much a healthy hair advocate, so every week I will share more tips with you about my natural hair journey! Stay beautiful ladies. CW       Advertisements