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A Fresh Start to the Day

By Jackie M. This scripture got my attention this morning and I want to give a little encouragement to you. Today, I want to remind you that God is capable of renewing the hardest heart and He can restore your spirit, if you are feeling discouraged. Pray over Psalm 51:10 ESV every morning, or during the course of your day, for a renewed spirit and a fresh start. Don’t let your heart be troubled and your mind go astray. Fill your thoughts with encouraging psalms, like this one, to help you throughout day to day life. As women, we need to stay committed to God’s Word first, and it will help us be more prepared as sisters, mothers, wives, or whichever category you identify with. Stay beautiful. CW.     Advertisements

Weekly Devo: Embracing The Helper Role

By Jackie M. Featured image: Sparrow Vida Photography Hey ladies! I know its kinda late, but I got to get my weekly devotional up! So, I’m thinking to make this a regular thing every Monday on my blog. If it isn’t up by that morning then expect it in the evening.  Alright, today my attention is drawn to a sometimes touchy subject for women and wives but a very special one at that. I call this devotional, “Embracing the Helper Role.” I was inspired by a book entitled Fierce Women written by Kimberly Wagner regarding many factors into the woman’s God-given calling to be a helper. Specifically, in Chapter 3, Wagner shares a really good point about, what she calls, the flipside of the woman embracing her helper role: “The flipside of the woman’s calling to be a helper is the curse of…controlling. We want to control our husbands. The good stuff God put in us, which makes us a beautifully fierce woman and an effective helper, gets perverted and twisted into this dangerous tool …