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Monday Morning Love: Take It Slow

By Jackie M.    This weekend I attended a women’s day event at my church and I was reminded of one very important thing. To take the quiet time with the Lord that I so need every day. I had a busy weekend with a lot of running around , following a long work week. Now it starts over again, but my attitude will be different. I know my work week is going to be long and busy so I want to remind you and myself to take it slow and make the opportunity to just sit down in a quiet place with the Lord. A five minute prayer can make all the difference throughout your day. I like to stop during my lunch break and read a Bible verse while saying a quick prayer. It can be so crazy at work and so fast paced, then with traffic and coming home I can feel like my day went by without me taking a moment to myself. Let’s challenge ourselves to do that more this week. …

An Encouraging Bible Verse

A little encouragement for your day. “For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 ESV     Have a blessed day! CW    

For Wives and Future Brides

 By Jackie M.    Hey ladies. I follow a blog called Revive Our Hearts , part of the True Woman movement. For those that are unaware, this Christian based blog is very encouraging to women of all nationalities and cultures. It helps us pursue biblical womanhood in our daily lives. There was a post they shared this morning that I had to repost! Check out this link that shares their 30 Pieces of Advice for the New Wife. The author of this article is Paula Hendricks Marsteller. This was so timely for me! I will be married just 6 months, this upcoming Feb. 1st, to my wonderful hubby. I’m always looking for wisdom and advice from seasoned wives. And if you are single, and desire to be married one day, this article can help give you prayer points that you can use to pray over your future husband. Share your comments below! BTW that bridal shot is me and my bridal bouquet from my wedding day! Our photographer was amazing. Stay beautiful ladies CW. 💫🌺   

A Peaceful Night

By Jackie M.   I pray for those women who struggle with anxiety or fear. Tonight I sympathize with you but I leave you with this scripture to encourage you. Know the truth of God’s Word can cure the most anxious of hearts. That was once my heart. Plagued with panic attacks, worry, and daily fears. But surrendering those anxious thoughts to God has brought me tremendous peace of mind. Say that prayer tonight before you lay your head. God take away my anxiety, and cast away my fears, may we rest with peaceful hearts every night. Amen. CW   

Weekly Devotional: Communication in Marriage

 By Jackie M. Here is a healthy reminder, on one thought we should have in order to be better communicators. The reminder is that words carry weight behind them. The words we speak can impact another person much deeper and have more of a lasting impact then anything physical you can do to them. Does this cross our minds when we are responding to conflict in our marriages? And why are these spoken words so powerful?   I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to act like a fool! As stated in Proverbs 18, “a fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his (or her) opinion.” As women, we have opinions and love for our voices to be heard, but most of the time your opinion does not have to be said out loud. If there is a conflict in your marriage, and you are worried about fueling another argument, maybe go to a separate place and pray before you respond to your husband, or just give it all to …

A Fresh Start to the Day

By Jackie M. This scripture got my attention this morning and I want to give a little encouragement to you. Today, I want to remind you that God is capable of renewing the hardest heart and He can restore your spirit, if you are feeling discouraged. Pray over Psalm 51:10 ESV every morning, or during the course of your day, for a renewed spirit and a fresh start. Don’t let your heart be troubled and your mind go astray. Fill your thoughts with encouraging psalms, like this one, to help you throughout day to day life. As women, we need to stay committed to God’s Word first, and it will help us be more prepared as sisters, mothers, wives, or whichever category you identify with. Stay beautiful. CW.    

My Blog Illustrations: Editing

By Jackie M. Hi friends! So I have been absent for several days because I am working diligently to illustrate a logo for this blog. I am editing, and sketching using the Sketch app, and added text using the Insta Logo creator app. I would like to create my image and brand before I go live and share this blog more. But here are some pics of my edits and current illustration I sketched with a stylus pen on my iPhone 6s Plus. I hope you like what I envision. Please feel free to share my blog site Curly Wifey in the near future. More exciting posts related to natural hair, spiritual encouragements and a support for all the wives out there! (Raise your hands! Woo!) I have some creative thoughts I plan to share as well as natural hair styles and my hair journey. Stay Beautiful. CW    

Weekly Devo: Embracing The Helper Role

By Jackie M. Featured image: Sparrow Vida Photography Hey ladies! I know its kinda late, but I got to get my weekly devotional up! So, I’m thinking to make this a regular thing every Monday on my blog. If it isn’t up by that morning then expect it in the evening.  Alright, today my attention is drawn to a sometimes touchy subject for women and wives but a very special one at that. I call this devotional, “Embracing the Helper Role.” I was inspired by a book entitled Fierce Women written by Kimberly Wagner regarding many factors into the woman’s God-given calling to be a helper. Specifically, in Chapter 3, Wagner shares a really good point about, what she calls, the flipside of the woman embracing her helper role: “The flipside of the woman’s calling to be a helper is the curse of…controlling. We want to control our husbands. The good stuff God put in us, which makes us a beautifully fierce woman and an effective helper, gets perverted and twisted into this dangerous tool …