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NATURAL HAIR ART: Featuring painter Debra Kaye Cartwright 

By Jackie M. Every Thursday, I will share a natural hair related illustrator, painter, or artist to show love to the artist community. Today’s feature is painter Debra Kaye Cartwright, of Harlem NY. Her paintings are specific to expressing the beauty of Black women and that undefined curls are beautiful too. Our curls don’t have to be defined to be considered beautiful.  ALL ILLUSTRATIONS BELOW ARE COPYRIGHTED AND ILLUSTRATED BY DEBRA KAYE CARTWRIGHT. ❤️🎨 Check out more of her original paintings  on Etsy with this link:  Debra Cartwright on Etsy           Stay beautiful curlies! CW     Advertisements

Natural Hair Art: Featuring @illustration315 

I love pinning natural hair art and illustrations on Pinterest and I’m going to start featuring a illustrator’s work on my blog every week! I’m thinking to do every Thursday but we will see how that goes. 😜 Today’s Feature is illustrated by @illustration315 Follow them on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed!    

New Blog Illustrations

Hey ladies! As you know I am working on building my website for my blog Curly Wifey. This past week I have sketched multiple illustrations on the Sketch app using my iPhone 6s Plus trying to create what I would like as my official logo. It’s so challenging having a creative, and indecisive mind all at the same time! The biggest battle I have is coming up with a new idea in my head, then I draw it and think it’s better than the last. So lots of trial and error go into this but I believe it will be worth it in the end! Here is a look at my newest illustration and logo for Curly Wifey.   Feel free to comment on this post with your feedback. All comments are welcomed. Thanks for visiting.  CW

My Blog Illustrations: Editing

By Jackie M. Hi friends! So I have been absent for several days because I am working diligently to illustrate a logo for this blog. I am editing, and sketching using the Sketch app, and added text using the Insta Logo creator app. I would like to create my image and brand before I go live and share this blog more. But here are some pics of my edits and current illustration I sketched with a stylus pen on my iPhone 6s Plus. I hope you like what I envision. Please feel free to share my blog site Curly Wifey in the near future. More exciting posts related to natural hair, spiritual encouragements and a support for all the wives out there! (Raise your hands! Woo!) I have some creative thoughts I plan to share as well as natural hair styles and my hair journey. Stay Beautiful. CW