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Today is Wash Day! Stay Tuned. 

Hi curlies!  Today is #WashDay 😁 After work of course lol But stay tuned! I currently use #DevaCurl One Condition products for my Cleanser and Conditioning. And my next product review will be about DevaCurl Heaven In Hair intense moisture treatment. I will posting that review on my blog soon 💕 #CurlyWifeyBlog #naturalhairblogger #staytunedformyreview #productreview #HeavenInHair #teamnatural #naturalhair #curlyhair #curls #blogger #luvyourmane #protectivestyles #musiccitynaturals #nashvillenaturals #diynatural Advertisements

Coming Soon… Heaven In Hair Product Review 

Coming Soon 💕 My next Product Review will be about #DevaCurl Heaven in Hair: Intense Moisture Treatment. I use it for my weekly deep condition. I’ll be washing and conditioning my hair this Thursday to prep my curls for our anniversary trip to the ATL this weekend. ( Yea, so my 1st wedding Anniversary was yesterday! August 1st, 2016 with my husband) I’ll be sharing a special Blog about that after our anniversary trip to Atlanta this weekend! I’m so excited and in love 😍 Stay tuned for my article to be posted on the blog…💕 #CurlyWifeyBlog #productreview #HeaveninHair #teamnatural #naturalhair #deepcondition #curls #curlyhair #naturalhairblogger #blogger #staytunedformyreviewCW.

UPDATE: Length Retention Using Two Strand Twists

Hi ladies, I have to apologize for being absent the past month or so. My unwanted hair chop experience really caught me off guard and I honestly lost a little motivation in doing this natural hair blogging thing. But I am still taking good care of my shorter curls.  I estimate that my hair is about 5 inches shorter than before the bad haircut, and I have to work with it to get it back to the length I was falling in love with. My hair was draping past my shoulders when stretched before , so I’m just trying to style it the way I like, and deal since my curls don’t hang nearly that low.  Today I did a quick shampoo, deep condition, and set using Shea Moisture and Deva Curl products. I won’t go into detail this time. I just want to share my shorter twists for now, and get back in the groove of blogging.  My plan is to keep two strand twists in my hair most of the time, to protect …

NEW ARTICLE: Additional Thoughts after Unwanted Haircut and First Wash Day on My Chopped Curls

Hey peeps!  I know it’s been said before, so I will boohoo about this again… “I MISS MY HAIR LENGTH!”  My bad haircut, last weekend, really threw me for a loop but a curly girl’s gotta wash and condition her hair once a week, so I did it yesterday actually. Just sharing about the haircut that I didn’t want was painful enough for me. It’s almost like an unspoken but understood language amongst Black women or, any curly haired woman, with Afro textured hair, about why we feel the way we do when we start to get some past the shoulders hair length!  Am I the only one that sheds a tear because my hair no longer drapes past my shoulders when stretched like this?  (Forgive my memory pics below)                      As you can see I miss my hair length… I have accepted it by now and I’m protective styling my hair for now using my good ole trusty two strand twists. That’s how my hair got to the length it …

NEW PIC TUTORIAL: Date Night Curls for Valentine’s Day 💕

   Hi friends! Today was wash day for me, a major production, and I had to get my hair right , before going out with my hubby tonight. We are going to a paint and sip spot her in the Ville (Music City) and I’m pretty excited! It’s Couples Night and I want to look cute for my man. So I whipped out my Curlformers and styled after a much needed shampoo and deep condition.  Products used pictured below: To Shampoo:   To Deep Conditon:      To Style:         Basically, I washed my hair while detangling with my wide tooth comb. I deep conditioned with the Shea Moisture hair masque and sat under the hooded dryer with a conditioning cap x 25 minutes on moderate heat. Rinsed conditioner out of my hair. I sectioned my hair in ponytails and twisted the large sections into Bantu knots to keep hair damp. Soak the excess water up with a tshirt. I applied Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker to style my strands, section by section. I applied …

It’s Wash Day Friday 

Today is WASH DAY! It’s Wash Day Friday for me. Stay tuned… I wash my curls after work most Friday afternoons. Today I will be attempting a Perm Rod Set on my natural hair again. A NEW ARTICLE WILL BE UP TOMORROW. I will be styling my curls with Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker gel. I’ll buy some more perm rods and hopefully get better results! Follow my blog on Facebook at Curly Wifey. My website at 💫🌺CW