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Product Review: Oyin Handmade Juices&Berries Nourishing Herbal Leave-In Hair Tonic 

By Jackie M. 

Curly girls relate with me. 

In search of a moisturizing product… in search of slip… in need of hydration, in need of holding power! Lol how many of us can relate? 

It’s almost winter time, so that means more breakage, more dryness, more starvation amongst the type 4 curly heads across the world. Can we collectively feel each other’s pain today and all season, *moment of silence, crickets and such*…because this is when DIY natural hair care gets tough. I’m currently in a stage of dry hair, and decided to look for something new to hydrate my hair. Something that I personally haven’t tried before. So I went to Sally Beauty and picked up a highly raved about Oyin Handmade product. 

This review is about my experience using Oyin Handmade Juices & Berries Nourishing Herbal Leave-In Hair Tonic! 

I purchased this product last night for about $14 from my nearby Sally Beauty Supply. Before I went to pick this up, I read reviews on, and looking for words like, “smells good”, “lightweight hold”, “moisturizing”, “hydrating”, and that it lasts more than one day. 

I have Low-Porosity curls so my hair naturally absorbs water based products well, and responds well to products with hydrating qualities. I spritz this OYIN leave in hair Tonic from ends to roots making sure to saturate my hair thoroughly because my curls were one-week old between washes. See dryness below: 

Above you can see how pitiful my strands were, I don’t do the best job applying product during the week. I admit to neglecting the need to hydrate more often, and this is what it ends up looking like towards the end of the work week in a bun/twisted bun. Dry honey dry!

This product comes in a 8.4 oz spray bottle which honestly seems like a little amount, but my experience has taught me that a good product should be “Less is More.” In other words I should be able to get away with less application per section of hair. The product is known for having a mixture of good smelling herbs and stuff. I agree that it smells lovely. 

My first impression is that it smells like yummy blueberries, and raspberries. But I know there are herbs in it too, it has that fresh natural scent as well. I think the spray bottle is the only negative it’s hard on my hand to keep pumping it out, makes my hand tired. But the product is more of a liquid, literally reminds of a fruit juice you may drink, but trust me DON’T Drink It! lol although it is very tempting. Below is my hair right after I applied this amazing leave-in (note no filters applied on most of these pics):

Super soft and shiny effect right after spraying. Two things I always appreciate for my dry thirsty curls. I decided to two strand twist my curls, overnight and below are my results the next morning:I can honestly say my curls are very happy with this product. Two thumbs up! Give Oyin Handmade Juices&Berries Herbal Hair Tonic a try! It won’t dissappoint. Let me know your thoughts in the comments on this post, and thank you for reading! CW 💕 



Hello! My name is Jackie and I am a Curly Wifey who is new to the married life. I am originally from Naptown and now adapting to my new life in the Music City. I am constantly learning more about my natural curlies! I support other woman to rock their curlies with daily likes, features, reposts, reviews, and commentary with positive vibes only. This blog will be a way for me to share my journey of loving my natural hair, pursuing biblical womanhood and being a godly wife. I will share weekly devotionals from God's Word and daily encouragement for ALL WOMEN to embrace their God Given Beauty. I treat this blog like my digital diary. Feel free to browse the site and I pray you are blessed and encouraged. Thanks for the Love!

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