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Product Review: Curlformers Softhood Dryer Attachment  

By Jackie M. 

Hello ladies!

I have been doing the DIY natural thing for a minute now. Sorry for my absence from blogging, but life happens, and I’ve been crazy busy! Following my first Devacut experience and not having a regular stylist, I’ve just been figuring things out. 

Well, just a few months ago I won a giveaway on the NaturallyCurly blog for the Curlformers Pro Glam Kit and Softhood Dryer attachment! I was so excited I actually won something because I’m forever signing up for free stuff. Lol so this felt like a big deal to me. 

I tried out the Softhood dryer attachment twice and here is my review on the product:

Let me just say I think the design of the Softhood makes a lot sense. It is large enough to fit around my head filled with Curlformers and rods, without being too tight or uncomfortable. The drawstring and chin strap are necessary to keep the Dryer from flying off your head. Once you turn your blow dryer on the cap fills up and you instantly look like  a “space alien”, as my hubby would call it. But it’s a cute pink space alien. 

The instructions recommend to only use a Low Heat setting using a blow dryer that sticks into the Softhood, so that’s what I did. The heat distributes comfortably around your head, it only gets a little hot on the back of the neck, but a towel can easily fix that. My ears did not get hot or anything!

 Y’all know that’s a big deal.

I’m used to dryers burning my forehead, ears, the neck, everything, and sitting under the dryer for like 2+ hours to get my hair dry because the heat would not target all of my hair under a typical hair dryer. But the Softhood is incredible! My hair wasn’t completely dry after 45 minutes of drying, but it was at least 80% dried through, and it was super late at night  so I decided to finish by air drying in my sleep. I think if I left dryer on at least 20 more minutes my hair would have been completely dry. But I chose sleep over dried hair that night. 

After overnight drying my Curlformers set came out great! My curly cocktail of choice was simply Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and LottaBody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse. 

LottaBody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse

DevaCurl No Poo Decadence Line

SheaMoisture SuperFruit Complex 10-In-1 Hair Masque

My hair was freshly cleansed and conditioned using DevaCurl No Poo Decadence line. Below were my curly results. I give the Softhood dryer attachment a big thumbs up! Not sure how much it actually costs since I won it in a contest. But the Curlformers are about $70 I purchased a long time ago at Sally Beauty Supply. 
Let me know if you have used the Softhood yourself and how you feel about it by commenting on this post! Thanks for reading. CW



Hello! My name is Jackie and I am a Curly Wifey who is new to the married life. I am originally from Naptown and now adapting to my new life in the Music City. I am constantly learning more about my natural curlies! I support other woman to rock their curlies with daily likes, features, reposts, reviews, and commentary with positive vibes only. This blog will be a way for me to share my journey of loving my natural hair, pursuing biblical womanhood and being a godly wife. I will share weekly devotionals from God's Word and daily encouragement for ALL WOMEN to embrace their God Given Beauty. I treat this blog like my digital diary. Feel free to browse the site and I pray you are blessed and encouraged. Thanks for the Love!

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