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Team Caheez and Mothers Day Gift Ideas 

Hi ladies!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, Sunday May 8th, so let me help those that may not know what to get precious momma!

As some of you know, I am now an official Caheez Brand Enthusiast! This means I will be sharing more about the mission statement and their wonderful satin lined hair accessories to you throughout the 2016 Spring/Summer collection and help give you a heads up on today’s available styles! 

So what is up with Caheez satin lined accessories?! Well, there are lots of options for Mothers Day gifts. Here are several listed below. 

Satin Headbands – $10 each

Caheez has several options and designs, for stylish satin headbands, that your Mom is sure to love! These headbands will keep Mom’s edges in tact, and is a great way to change up her look. We all have “bad hair days” and just days when we want to keep our hair pulled back but still keep it cute. From the colorful “Cream Multi” colored one, to the more classic “Chevron” style, or for the Mom with a wild side “Jaguar” print, you are sure to find something special for her! All photos courtesy of Caheez.LLC 

My mom would love any of these to interchange with her outfits. Pair them with a cute pair of earrings, and a cute summer tee/tank like this “Curls Be Poppin!” tank $20.50 each. Seen below. 💕 How fly is that?! 

Tees and Tanks -$20 and up

Or these stylish v-neck tees! Shown below. All photos courtesy of Caheez.LLC

Satin Turbans- $35 and up

Satin turbans are another great option for the Mom that likes to keep her curls protected during the spring and hot summer moths. This fabric is very gentle on all curly types, and it also comes in multiple prints.

has several styles in their satin turban collection! The nice thing about this accessory is that Mom can keep all of her hair tucked away but still keep it fashionable and fun. All photos courtesy of Caheez.LLC

Follow this link below to Caheez Summer collection and for more styles and pricing!

Caheez 2016 Summer Collection

Momma will love it! Remember most orders take 2-3 weeks to ship since everything is handmade based on the order. So hurry to 😍😍😍 CW. Stay beautiful.



Hello! My name is Jackie and I am a Curly Wifey who is new to the married life. I am originally from Naptown and now adapting to my new life in the Music City. I am constantly learning more about my natural curlies! I support other woman to rock their curlies with daily likes, features, reposts, reviews, and commentary with positive vibes only. This blog will be a way for me to share my journey of loving my natural hair, pursuing biblical womanhood and being a godly wife. I will share weekly devotionals from God's Word and daily encouragement for ALL WOMEN to embrace their God Given Beauty. I treat this blog like my digital diary. Feel free to browse the site and I pray you are blessed and encouraged. Thanks for the Love!


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