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NEW ARTICLE: Additional Thoughts after Unwanted Haircut and First Wash Day on My Chopped Curls

Hey peeps! 

I know it’s been said before, so I will boohoo about this again… “I MISS MY HAIR LENGTH!” 

My bad haircut, last weekend, really threw me for a loop but a curly girl’s gotta wash and condition her hair once a week, so I did it yesterday actually. Just sharing about the haircut that I didn’t want was painful enough for me. It’s almost like an unspoken but understood language amongst Black women or, any curly haired woman, with Afro textured hair, about why we feel the way we do when we start to get some past the shoulders hair length! 

Am I the only one that sheds a tear because my hair no longer drapes past my shoulders when stretched like this?  (Forgive my memory pics below) 


As you can see I miss my hair length… I have accepted it by now and I’m protective styling my hair for now using my good ole trusty two strand twists. That’s how my hair got to the length it was. I spent 7 years following a big chop, protecting my ends and seeing my professional natural hair stylist regularly (back when I lived in Indianapolis) to achieve the length I had and yes it has been a journey.  (As seen in the pics below). So trust me when I say I understand the process of length retention and the psychological connection that Black women have with wanting long flowing hair. I’m not to a point where I cannot tolerate short hair, I just had a preference and I set a goal for myself to take care of my hair. 

I cared more about the health of my hair rather than tracking how many inches of hair I gained every 3 months…

Believe me tho… I totally understand what it feels like to get attached to the length of our curls. 

With all that being said, I will remind myself and other curly women these 3 points to remember regarding length retention:

  1. The hair will grow back.
  2. It’s just hair.
  3. It does not control my ultimate joy and satisfaction (Jesus is the source of all my joy.)


So I washed my hair yesterday and it revealed how short my hair really is. (Here are some pics of what it looks like now) 

 Before I washed it…  
After I washed it using Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and deep conditioned with Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex Hair Masque. I decided to try out a new moisturizing styler I have read great reviews about on I picked up DevaCurl’s SuperCream Curl Coconut Styler and let me tell you I could tell a difference already in how light and fluffy it felt! 

I decided to twist my hair in larger two strand twists and this style has held very well for the 2nd day. I have not unraveled the twists yet because I am working on length retention these days, so I’m not gonna be rocking the twist out nearly as much or Curlformers. I’m just getting my hair to be healthy and promote growth from now until next year because I know it will take that long or more to gain back the inches that I lost. 

Right now I can say that I like the DevaCurl SuperCream in my mostly 4A curly texture. It feels like it absorbed well after air drying over night and during today’s high 60 degrees Nashville weather.

When I do decide to unravel the twist, I will make sure to post how they feel with the DevaCurl product in and if I really feel I got moisture retention and shine using it. 

Thanks for visiting my blog! Stay tuned for more product review article on DevaCurl SuperCream after I have used it for a month. I want to make sure my review is honest and genuine and since I am typically so faithful to Shea Moisture products, I want to be fair and at least use the DevaCurl for a month before I review it! 

Come back soon. CW 💫🌺




Hello! My name is Jackie and I am a Curly Wifey who is new to the married life. I am originally from Naptown and now adapting to my new life in the Music City. I am constantly learning more about my natural curlies! I support other woman to rock their curlies with daily likes, features, reposts, reviews, and commentary with positive vibes only. This blog will be a way for me to share my journey of loving my natural hair, pursuing biblical womanhood and being a godly wife. I will share weekly devotionals from God's Word and daily encouragement for ALL WOMEN to embrace their God Given Beauty. I treat this blog like my digital diary. Feel free to browse the site and I pray you are blessed and encouraged. Thanks for the Love!


  1. kerdishastlouis says

    Keep holding strong girl your hair is gorgeous and it will grow back…maybe you can use the experience to experiment with cute funky shorter hair looks❤️❤️❤️

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    • Thank you so much! That’s what I have been thinking about lately. Just to experiment with product reviews here and there. And to try my hand at styling it differently. I need a lot more practice anyway and shorter hair is quicker to deal with overall. I’ve been down this road before. Thanks for reading. ❤️


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