Month: February 2016

NEW ARTICLE: Additional Thoughts after Unwanted Haircut and First Wash Day on My Chopped Curls

Hey peeps!  I know it’s been said before, so I will boohoo about this again… “I MISS MY HAIR LENGTH!”  My bad haircut, last weekend, really threw me for a loop but a curly girl’s gotta wash and condition her hair once a week, so I did it yesterday actually. Just sharing about the haircut that I didn’t want was painful enough for me. It’s almost like an unspoken but understood language amongst Black women or, any curly haired woman, with Afro textured hair, about why we feel the way we do when we start to get some past the shoulders hair length!  Am I the only one that sheds a tear because my hair no longer drapes past my shoulders when stretched like this?  (Forgive my memory pics below)                      As you can see I miss my hair length… I have accepted it by now and I’m protective styling my hair for now using my good ole trusty two strand twists. That’s how my hair got to the length it …

Hair Trim Trauma: My Bad Salon Experience    

By Jackie M.         Let me start by saying this article is intended to be an expression of my emotions after experiencing a very bad “haircut” that wasn’t planned. I will explain why I selected the title above as you read. I have shared in past articles that I have been living in a new city, Nashville, for a little over 6 months now after getting married, and with my move came a struggle to find a true natural hair stylist for myself. I used to be very committed to seeing my stylist, when I lived in Indianapolis, and she was very experienced, she knew how to handle my hair in its natural state. I had no trouble with her actually trimming my hair, to maintain its length, to give me a nice shape, and to promote hair growth by trimming it in its naturally curly state (no blow drying or flat ironing necessary) Just to get the desired trim I wanted and needed….  So I have had every reason to be nervous about …

NATURAL HAIR ART: Featuring painter Debra Kaye Cartwright 

By Jackie M. Every Thursday, I will share a natural hair related illustrator, painter, or artist to show love to the artist community. Today’s feature is painter Debra Kaye Cartwright, of Harlem NY. Her paintings are specific to expressing the beauty of Black women and that undefined curls are beautiful too. Our curls don’t have to be defined to be considered beautiful.  ALL ILLUSTRATIONS BELOW ARE COPYRIGHTED AND ILLUSTRATED BY DEBRA KAYE CARTWRIGHT. ❤️🎨 Check out more of her original paintings  on Etsy with this link:  Debra Cartwright on Etsy           Stay beautiful curlies! CW    

CURLY FEATURE: Every Tuesday @tjluvsbeingnatural

   CURLY FEATURE: @tjluvsbeingnatural 😍 Every Tuesday, on the #CurlyWifeyBlog we will share our favorite Curly of the Day! Today I am featuring the Tawana J. of the popular YouTube blog @tjluvsbeingnatural and @curlychristians Her undercuts are edgy and always fly! Go follow their IG pages! #CurlyWifeyFeature #urban #undercuts #naturalhair #curlyhair #twistout #naturalupdos #thickhair #afroqueen #curlylife #CurlyWifeyBlog #kollectivekoils #luvyourmane #curly #creamycrackrehab #naturalhairmag #naturalhairtips #curlyoftheday #protectivestyles #NaturalInNash #curls #myhaircrush #afro        


By Jackie M.   It’s Monday, and I’m starting my week with this simple prayer for you. I pray you can look at yourself and embrace who you are without feeling like you are flawed or not pretty. I want you to see your outer beauty as God’s design and that you are a daughter of Christ. No daughter of the King should feel that she is not loved or that she does not have someone to love. I know Valentine’s Day just passed, and a lot of precious single women had a hard time dealing with their reality, but let me offer you this encouragement. Remember that God has a plan for your life. That does not exclude your love life. Pray for your future now, and give the desires of your heart up to the Lord.  You are not flawed, but rather FLAWLESS and PRETTY! You do not have to compare yourself to anyone else. Love you for the way God made you and take delight in our King!  Be Encouraged. Have a Blessed …

NEW PIC TUTORIAL: Date Night Curls for Valentine’s Day 💕

   Hi friends! Today was wash day for me, a major production, and I had to get my hair right , before going out with my hubby tonight. We are going to a paint and sip spot her in the Ville (Music City) and I’m pretty excited! It’s Couples Night and I want to look cute for my man. So I whipped out my Curlformers and styled after a much needed shampoo and deep condition.  Products used pictured below: To Shampoo:   To Deep Conditon:      To Style:         Basically, I washed my hair while detangling with my wide tooth comb. I deep conditioned with the Shea Moisture hair masque and sat under the hooded dryer with a conditioning cap x 25 minutes on moderate heat. Rinsed conditioner out of my hair. I sectioned my hair in ponytails and twisted the large sections into Bantu knots to keep hair damp. Soak the excess water up with a tshirt. I applied Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker to style my strands, section by section. I applied …

Celebrating Black History: Diana Ross

We are Celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth Day 9: ❤️Diana Ross❤️ ” Singer and actress Diana Ross was part of the 1960s pop/soul trio the Supremes before embarking on a successful solo career, also starring in such films as ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ and ‘The Wiz.’” Direct quote from #DianaRoss #Singer #Actress #iconicafro #afroqueen #afro #teamnatural #naturalhair #knowyourhistory #1960s #1970s #1980s #TheSupremes            

CURLY FEATURE: “Urban Bush Babes” Cipriana & TK Quann 

   CURLY FEATURE: @ciprianaquann @tk_wonder 😍 Every Tuesday, on the #CurlyWifeyBlog we will share our favorite Curly of the Day! Today I am featuring the Urban Bush Babes! These powerful curly twins are two of my major hair crushes! Their tresses are thick and long, and they both remind me of modern day natural hair Pocahontas’. These beautiful twin models are making waves in the fashion and beauty world. Go follow their IG pages! #CurlyWifeyFeature #urban #models #naturalhair #curlyhair #twistout #twinning #twins #longhairdontcare #thickhair #afroqueen #curlylife #CurlyWifeyBlog #kollectivekoils #luvyourmane #curly #creamycrackrehab #naturalhairmag #naturalhairtips #curlyoftheday #protectivestyles #NaturalInNash #curls           

Celebrating Black History Month: Kathleen Cleaver 

By Jackie M. We are Celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth Day 8: ❤️Kathleen Cleaver❤️ “To many, Kathleen Cleaver is best known for marriage to Black Panther leader and Soul on Ice author Eldridge Cleaver. Since the couple’s divorce in 1987, however, she has staked out a reputation all her own as a law professor and expert in African-American history. By transforming herself from expatriate revolutionary to respected scholar, Cleaver has brought her unique perspective on critical issues of race, gender and class to a wider audience than was previously possible, while maintaining her commitment to social and economic justice.” #KathleenCleaver #iconicafro #afroqueen #afro #teamnatural #naturalhair #knowyourhistory #1960s #1970s