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NEW ARTICLE: Simple Protective Styles in The Winter

By Jackie M. 

In this article, I am highlighting a type of style that is very near and dear to my heart… two-strand twists! To give a short background about my hair, it has taken 7 years to achieve the length I have today. I actually have a story to share regarding my BIG CHOP experience, and my journey to healthier hair, but that will be posted in February.  Basically my twists have gone from baby length to the luscious full length they are today. For now let me tell you the many reasons why I love two-strand twists, and why it is my go-to style for protecting my hair in the winter.❄️  NOTE: The majority of these pics were styles done by a professional hairstylist, not by me. 


copyright: @mrsjpmack, J.P.Mack

 Reason #1 It’s an Easy Style to Install

Two-strand twists are by far one of the easiest styles to achieve on my 4a/4b hair type. Just like the name, all it takes is gathering two strands of your hair and twisting it. When I was introduced to this style, I was relieved because it was quicker for me to do than trying to braid (or cornrow) my hair at home.  


Reason #2 It Detangles and “Trains” my Curls 

As naturalistas, we know it is very important to keep our curls and coils detangled to encourage healthy growth, and to prevent knots or breakage from happening. I use two-strand twists frequently to prevent my hair from knotting up, and especially to avoid matted curls. When I refer to “training” my curls, all that means is that my curls will form an elongated shape and every time I retwist the hair, my curls will return to that shape a lot easier. Also it means I can unravel my twists for a BOMB twistout! I have been getting twists for many years and now my curls lay down more than they stand up.  

Reason #3 The Styling Options are Endless!

Chunky or mini, up or down, straight or swirly! There is so much variety with this go- to protective style.Two-strand twists can be laid just as tight as real cornrows styles but stay just as long. Here is a short gallery of several styles I have worn using two strand twists. NOTE: All styles were done by my old hairstylist, the owner of Purity Natural Hair Salon of Indianapolis. 



Reason #4 They Lock In Moisture 

We as naturalistas, know the struggle when it comes to moisturizing our thirsty curls. Well, this style is perfect for getting moisture to absorb from the root to the ends of your hair, as long as you apply it correctly. I recommend using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which is cream based, and coconut oil to encourage moisture retention.  Both work wonderfully on my hair. 

Reason #5 My Hair Grows! 

Length retention is only possible if your hair does not break quicker and in larger quantities  than you have new hair growing in. I have learned that keeping my hair healthy and strong from root to ends has been critical for retaining length. One tip is to never neglect your ends when you are conditioning  and moisturizing your hair, and always finish the twist completely to the end to avoid frayed hair. Two strand twists limit the amount of friction and breakage that takes place on my ends when my hair is loose or touching my shirt/hat/scarf.


I hope this article helps and I highly recommend wearing two strand twists to protect your hair from the winter air. Stay warm ladies! CW




Hello! My name is Jackie and I am a Curly Wifey who is new to the married life. I am originally from Naptown and now adapting to my new life in the Music City. I am constantly learning more about my natural curlies! I support other woman to rock their curlies with daily likes, features, reposts, reviews, and commentary with positive vibes only. This blog will be a way for me to share my journey of loving my natural hair, pursuing biblical womanhood and being a godly wife. I will share weekly devotionals from God's Word and daily encouragement for ALL WOMEN to embrace their God Given Beauty. I treat this blog like my digital diary. Feel free to browse the site and I pray you are blessed and encouraged. Thanks for the Love!


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