Month: January 2016

It’s Wash Day Friday 

Today is WASH DAY! It’s Wash Day Friday for me. Stay tuned… I wash my curls after work most Friday afternoons. Today I will be attempting a Perm Rod Set on my natural hair again. A NEW ARTICLE WILL BE UP TOMORROW. I will be styling my curls with Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker gel. I’ll buy some more perm rods and hopefully get better results! Follow my blog on Facebook at Curly Wifey. My website at 💫🌺CW     

An Encouraging Bible Verse

A little encouragement for your day. “For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 ESV     Have a blessed day! CW    

Curly Inspiration: Zendaya

By Jackie M. Let’s look at how Zendaya just slayed this magazine cover for Complex Magazine! Hello! This Curly Afro is eveything! I follow Zendaya because she is an excellent artist and role model to our girls. She knows how to embrace her natural curlies.  🔥🔥🔥🔥 You go girl! 🔥🔥🔥🔥        Check back in the coming week for more articles on the Curly Celebs and Natural Hair on the Runway. Stay beautiful ladies. CW💫🌺    

For Wives and Future Brides

 By Jackie M.    Hey ladies. I follow a blog called Revive Our Hearts , part of the True Woman movement. For those that are unaware, this Christian based blog is very encouraging to women of all nationalities and cultures. It helps us pursue biblical womanhood in our daily lives. There was a post they shared this morning that I had to repost! Check out this link that shares their 30 Pieces of Advice for the New Wife. The author of this article is Paula Hendricks Marsteller. This was so timely for me! I will be married just 6 months, this upcoming Feb. 1st, to my wonderful hubby. I’m always looking for wisdom and advice from seasoned wives. And if you are single, and desire to be married one day, this article can help give you prayer points that you can use to pray over your future husband. Share your comments below! BTW that bridal shot is me and my bridal bouquet from my wedding day! Our photographer was amazing. Stay beautiful ladies CW. 💫🌺   

Curly FEATURE: Every Tuesday!

By Jackie M. Every Tuesday, on Curly Wifey, we will share our favorite Curly of the Day! Today’s Feature:  IG: @bphly   Girl we are loving this color and curl combo! Love the blonde and black bang, and big poppin’ curly fro! Hit like on this post and check out her IG page! Share the love. 👏🏾❤️ #CurlyWifeyFeature    Coming every Tuesday! I will be posting my favorite curly of the day. Would you like to be featured on Curly Wifey? Tag #CurlyWifeyFeature with your best curls, kinks, and coils and I will share the love! If you are featured share this pic to your followers and get more likes! Follow my blog! Link in Bio. 💫🌺 #CurlyWifeyBlog #naturalhairblogger #teamnatural #naturalhair #NaturalInNash #naturalhairtips #naturalhairstyles #DIYnaturalhair #twistout #afro #hairtutorial #followmyblog #protectivestyles #creamycrackrehab #myhaircrush #kollectivekoils #luvyourmane #curlylife #naturalhairmag Much love 💫🌺 CW   

NEW ARTICLE: Simple Protective Styles in The Winter

By Jackie M.  In this article, I am highlighting a type of style that is very near and dear to my heart… two-strand twists! To give a short background about my hair, it has taken 7 years to achieve the length I have today. I actually have a story to share regarding my BIG CHOP experience, and my journey to healthier hair, but that will be posted in February.  Basically my twists have gone from baby length to the luscious full length they are today. For now let me tell you the many reasons why I love two-strand twists, and why it is my go-to style for protecting my hair in the winter.❄️  NOTE: The majority of these pics were styles done by a professional hairstylist, not by me.       Reason #1 It’s an Easy Style to Install Two-strand twists are by far one of the easiest styles to achieve on my 4a/4b hair type. Just like the name, all it takes is gathering two strands of your hair and twisting it. When I was introduced to …

A Peaceful Night

By Jackie M.   I pray for those women who struggle with anxiety or fear. Tonight I sympathize with you but I leave you with this scripture to encourage you. Know the truth of God’s Word can cure the most anxious of hearts. That was once my heart. Plagued with panic attacks, worry, and daily fears. But surrendering those anxious thoughts to God has brought me tremendous peace of mind. Say that prayer tonight before you lay your head. God take away my anxiety, and cast away my fears, may we rest with peaceful hearts every night. Amen. CW   

Monday Morning Love: Beautifully Made

   By Jackie M. Every Monday morning, I will share a quick word of encouragement for your week ahead. Today I want you to look at yourself as beautiful from the inside out because you are beautifully made! Many women struggle with insecurities related to their appearance, and I am no exception. Don’t believe the hype, that’s flooded on television screens and magazine covers, of what a “beautiful women” should look like, because most of those images are retouched and completely edited from the original. It’s ok to be different because God made you the way you are. Your skin, hair, and body…everything was delicately fashioned by the hands of God and it should be embraced as such… delicately. Let’s treat our bodies with care, and of course our skin and hair are included. I’m very much a healthy hair advocate, so every week I will share more tips with you about my natural hair journey! Stay beautiful ladies. CW